Interstate Passport Initiative

Phase I (Pilot): Passport Learning Outcome

Passport Learning Outcomes Teams

In Phase I, faculty representatives from the Passport institutions formed interstate teams to develop Passport Learning Outcomes (PLOs) and Transfer-Level Proficiency Criteria (PC) for the three lower-division general education foundational skill areas: oral communication, written communication, and quantitative literacy. Each development task had separate interstate teams, i.e., PLO teams and PC teams. In Phase II, one interstate faculty team will develop both the PLOs and PC for each of the six knowledge and crosscutting skill areas. 

The Phase I PLO Teams – one for each skill area – reviewed, compared, and contrasted the five sets of learning outcomes that were submitted by each state to negotiate an agreed-upon set of learning outcomes. Team members solicited feedback from stakeholders in their states, shared this feedback through a series of team conference calls, and ultimately produced the Passport Learning Outcomes. Institutions that sign the Passport Agreement will be acknowledging that their lower-division general education learning outcomes in these three skill areas map to and are congruent with the Passport Learning Outcomes.

Oral Communication Learning Outcomes Team

  • JoAnne Benschop, Articulation Officer, MiraCosta College (California); Community College Representative, Statewide Senate GE Advisory Committee
  • Sharon Cox, Past Faculty Senate Chair, Assistant Professor, Accounting, University of Hawaii West Oahu*
  • Dick Dubanoski, Pilot State Facilitator, Hawaii
  • Becky Johns, Associate Professor of Communication, Weber State University (Utah)*
  • Richard Parker, Department Chair, Art, Theater and Humanities, Columbia Gorge Community College*
  • Phyllis "Teddi" Safman, Pilot State Facilitator, Utah
  • Tom Steen, Professor, Physical Education and Exercise Science/Director of Essential Studies Program, University of North Dakota
  • Terry Underwood, Professor, Teacher Education, Sacramento State University
  • Pat Shea, Project Staff

Written Communication Learning Outcomes Team

  • Debra David, Pilot State Facilitator, California
  • Gloria Dohman, Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness, North Dakota State College of Science
  • James Goodman, Dean of Arts and Sciences, Leeward Community College (Hawaii)*
  • Maureen Mathison, Associate Professor, Director, Writing Program, University of Utah*
  • Larry Peterson, Director of Accreditation, Assessment and Academic Advising, North Dakota State University
  • Kate Sullivan, Faculty Instructor, Language-Literature and Communication, Lane Community College
  • Cathy Walker, Project Staff

Quantitative Literacy Learning Outcomes Team

  • Jonathan Bodrero, Professor of Mathematics, Snow College (UT)*
  • Lisa Johnson, Pilot State Facilitator, North Dakota
  • Karen Marrongelle, Pilot State Facilitator, Oregon
  • Julia Myers, Assistant Professor; Chair, General Education Committee, University of Hawaii West Oahu*
  • Mark Van Selst, Professor, Psychology, San Jose State University; Chair, CSU Statewide Senate GE Advisory Committee
  • Kristi Wold-McCormick, University Registrar, North Dakota State University
  • Rick Woodmansee, Professor, Mathematics and Statistics, Sacramento City College*
  • Bob Turner, Project Staff

*Member of both PLO and C&A teams