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Passport in the News

Interstate Passport A New Framework for Seamless Student Transfer

By: Catherine Walker, Jane Sherman, and Patricia Shea
Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning
October 14, 2016

  •  Over one-third of all students in public two- and four-year colleges and universities transfer to another institution – 24 percent of whom transfer to one in another state – but interstate transfer agreements are inadequate or do not even exist.
  • Passport institutions affirm that their learning outcomes are congruent with the Passport Learning Outcomes but maintain autonomy and flexibility in how students achieve them.
  •  Quality of the Interstate Passport® is assured through a minimum grade requirement and a data collection and tracking system that measures transfer student performance.
  •  The Passport shifts the focus on student learning and academic progress from inputs – specific credits and courses – to outputs – learning outcomes.
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Passport Initiative Fosters Applied Science

By: Thomas Krabacher and Patricia Flatt
August 19, 2016

In response to a letter to Science by Michael Baltzley in which he incorrectly argues that Interstate Passport institutionalizes creationism in the undergraduate science curriculum, members of Interstate Passport's natural science content area rectify his assertions. 

A digital version of this article can be viewed here.

Interstate Passport Gives College Students the Means to Navigate Transfer Requirements

By: Eliana Osborn
Education News
July 20, 2016

"Well-articulated transfer agreements are a benefit to students as well as schools. Within a state, there may be clarity about transfer requirements and what classes and credits translate from community colleges to public universities. But when transfers cross state lines, all bets are off. That’s where a collaboration of seven western states could make all the difference with a “passport” that can bridge the gap."

'Passport' for Transfer

By: Paul Fain
Inside Higher Education, July 5, 2016

New interstate network seeks to help students transfer across state lines without losing credits, but also defers to faculty members at each college about how to measure learning.

Response to Letter to the Editor in Science Magazine

By: Robert S. Turner and Patricia A. Shea
Science Magazine, July 1, 2016 

This letter is in response to Michael Baltzley’s June 10, 2016 letter, Institutionalizing Creationism, in which he misrepresents the function of the Proficiency Criteria (PC), and the roles of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) and faculty in the Interstate Passport Initiative. For information on the Passport Review Board's approved process for requesting a modification see Procedure for Modifications to the Passport Learning Outcomes and Proficiency Criteria

The Interstate Passport: Improving the Transfer Intersection on the Road to a Four-Year Degree

By: Pat Shea
The EvoLLLution, June 10, 2016 

"By developing a clearer pathway to transfer and degree completion, much of the repition, uncertainty and additional costs accrued by non-traditional students can be avoided."

In-state and Intrastate Initiatives Aim to Improve Transfer Pathways

By: Tara Garcia Mathewson
Education Dive, March 29, 2016

While the vast majority of community college students enroll with plans to transfer and earn a bachelor’s degree, only one in 10 actually do so within six years. Fixing the leaky transfer pipeline has become a major concern of state higher education systems, the federal government and a number of foundations in recent years.

New Approach to Transfer

By: Paul Fain
Inside Higher Education, January 9, 2014

A group of 16 public institutions in four Western states have agreed to a transfer agreement based on what students know rather than on the courses they have taken or the credits they have earned.