What is the role of the federal government in the MLDE?

The federal government is not involved in any way with the MLDE.  Rather the MLDE is a regionally led project.  WICHE has facilitated the MLDE since 2010 and is currently working in partnership with other regional compacts (NEHBE, SREB, MHEC) to expand the MLDE to at least ten states.  The MLDE is a resource states and state agencies can voluntarily join. Upon joining and contributing data, states take on shared responsibility for owning and managing the MLDE. The MLDE is expected to complement states’ own longitudinal data systems, many of which have been developed through competitive federal grants. And the MLDE must comply with federal statutes and regulations concerning the privacy and confidentiality of individual records and the security of such information (as well as with those of participating states).

Multistate Longitudinal Data Exchange