Interstate Passport

Organizational Structure

Managing and implementing Interstate Passport involves many people throughout the WICHE region and beyond. The project staff has overall responsibility for the initiative and communicates with and oversees all other committees, teams, consultants and others.

The Passport State Facilitators serve as the point of contact for all faculty and stakeholders in each Interstate Passport state, and are responsible for convening and facilitating conversations within and across institutions. They are integral in communicating with faculty about the Passport Learning Outcomes and Proficiency Criteria, and they oversee requests for feedback from institutions and other stakeholders. The PSFs provide valuable feedback and analysis and work closely with staff to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.  

The Passport Review Board (PRB) is the policy-making body of the Interstate Passport program. Members include the Passport State Facilitators, who represent their constituents on the Board and serve unlimited terms. Other individuals, selected to serve at-large for a two-year term, have special expertise relevant to Interstate Passport issues and operations.

An organizational chart of the Interstate Passport can be viewed here