Interstate Passport: Phase I

The Passport Learning Outcomes, referencing the LEAP Essential Learning Outcomes, describe the learning required to satisfy lower division general education requirements in oral communication, written communication, and quantitative literacy. Additional academic work in these or other skill areas may be needed to fulfill upper division general education, academic minor and/or academic major requirements.

Foundational Skills

Oral Communication

Proficiency in oral communication requires the development not just of the ability to prepare a well-organized argument that is grounded in credible information and effectively delivered, but development of the ability to hear, accurately summarize and evaluate oral presentations by others. 

Written Communication

Proficiency at writing is imparted by at least one formal writing course that includes the use of sources, writing process knowledge, convention and mechanics, self-assessment and reflection. This area further includes at least an introduction to analysis of the content of others’ writings, critical thinking about that content, and logical reasoning in addressing that content in an appropriate context.  

Quantitative Literacy

Quantitative literacy requires comfort and capability with fundamental quantitative methods, and incorporation of quantitative concepts into the student’s worldview so the student does not hesitate to apply quantitative skills in any appropriate context. Specific quantitative skills that must be addressed are mathematical process, computational skills, formulation of quantitative arguments, analysis of quantitative arguments, communication of quantitative arguments, and quantitative models.