Interstate Passport | States and Institutions Participating in Phase I of the Passport Development

The participating institutions in Interstate Passport Phase I (pilot) included the Utah System of Higher Education and pairs of institutions (two-year and four-year) in California, Hawaii, North Dakota, and Oregon. This phase allowed us to develop the model for creating agreement among institutions in multiple states on lower-division general education learning outcomes and transfer-level proficiency criteria for use with the Passport structure for transfer. Faculty representatives serving on the interstate faculty teams from these teams focused on three foundational skill areas: oral communication, written communication, and qualitative literacy. All states and institutions were volunteers, and several institutions became signatories to the Phase I agreement (as denoted by an asterisk below). These signatories piloted the implementation of the Passport Phase I structure


California State University, Sacramento
Sacramento City College


Leeward Community College  *
University of Hawai'i West Oahu *


Lake Region State College *
North Dakota State University *
North Dakota State College of Science *
Valley City State University *


Eastern Oregon University
Blue Mountain Community College


Dixie State College of Utah *
Salt Lake Community College *
Snow College *
Southern Utah University *
The University of Utah *
Utah State University *
Utah Valley University *
Weber State University *