Interstate Passport

Advisory Board, Phase I

The nine board members provided oversight and guidance during Phase I (pilot). Members served for the two years of the pilot project, and included representatives from four of the five pilot states. The board met twice in Boulder, Colorado – December 2011 and December 2012 – and by conference call in April 2012. The final scheduled meeting took place in April 2013 by conference call.

Susan Albertine photoSusan Albertine
Vice President for Engagement, Inclusion and Success
Association of American Colleges and Universities


Michel Hillman photoMichel Hillman
Vice Chancellor, Academic and Student Affairs
North Dakota University System


Nancy Krogh photoNancy Krogh
University Registrar
University of Idaho


David Longanecker photoDavid Longanecker

Susan Neel photoSusan Neel
Utah State University

Karen Paulson photoKaren Paulson
Senior Associate


Peter Quigley photoPeter Quigley
Associate Vice President
Academic Affairs
University of Hawaii


Jane Sherman photoJane Sherman
Vice Provost for Academic Policy and Evaluation
Washington State University


Jeff Spano photoJeff Spano
Dean, Student Services
California Community Colleges