WUE (Undergraduate)
Class of 2014
Where you are studying/did you study? (name of institution): 
Central Washington University

Without the WUE, it would have cost over 8,000 dollars every quarter to attend CWU, culminating in roughly 25,000 each year or over one million dollars to graduate in four. College was the only option for me. High school failed to quench my thirst for knowledge; and while I may now be restricted to one field of study, I still have learned more in the first fall then I had in the last seven years of public education. WUE has cut the cost of my dreams, and given me the opportunity to be the first member of my family to receive a college degree. People have told me that you take what you are given and make the most of it, but I feel as if the WUE is less of a handout, and more of a philanthropic investment. My life improved when WUE gave me their waiver, and now I feel obligated to uphold that tradition of bettering lives. Everything I learn here belongs in part to the spirit of the program, and those skills and lessons must be utilized in the same manner. No matter how my career develops, or my life goes, I can always give back to the community in honor of the assistance extended to me. It isn't fair that someone should pay more for the same education as someone else based on where they live, but the world changes slowly, and until the process is done, those who try to go far can at least turn to WUE to help them go a little further.
With deepest gratitude,
- Kelsey Sheppard

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