WICHE Commission Meeting Agenda Book - May 19-20, 2008

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May 19-20, 2008
Rapid City, South Dakota
TAB 1 Executive Committee Meeting (Open and Closed Sessions)
TAB 2 Committee of the Whole, Call to Order
TAB 3 Plenary Session I: How the West Was Won – A Discussion of How Higher Education Has Responded to Secretary Spellings’s Challenge to Be More Accountable
TAB 4 Plenary Session II: The Implications of the Accountability Thrust for the West
TAB 5 Lunch and Presentation on South Dakota
TAB 6 Programs and Services Committee Meeting
TAB 7 Issue Analysis and Research Committee Meeting
TAB 8 Ad Hoc Committee for Self-Funded Units Meeting
TAB 9 Reception and dinner at Mount Rushmore
TAB 10 Plenary Session III: Woe Is Us – The Implications of Demography, Economy, and International Competition on the Demand for and Supply of Trained Workers in the West, Today and Tomorrow
TAB 11 Plenary Session IV, Part A: What’s Up at WICHE? Knocking at the College Door 2008
TAB 11 Plenary Session IV, Part B: What’s Up in the West? The Impending Loan Crisis (or not)
TAB 12 Committee of the Whole – Business Session