Internet Course Exchange (ICE)

WICHE ICE Consortia Clients

WICHE ICE is strongly committed to supporting collaborative activities in higher education, including those of other organizations which compliment its mission. For these organizations, WICHE ICE extends the use of its platform and provides a link to a customized view of the ICE Catalog for each. Since each organization may have special needs, the relationship with WICHE ICE is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

  • Nursing Education Xchange (NEXus) is an affiliated member. The NEXus project seeks to increase capacity in doctoral nursing programs by sharing existing and creating new academic resources. With the extreme shortage of nurses in the West, WICHE ICE is pleased to be supporting this important work.
  • Another affiliated member is the Montana University System. Courses are being offered in high demand areas or in areas where some member institutions cannot offer the course. 

To become an affiliated initiative, contact Kay Hulstrom at 303.541.0294 or