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What is the NANSLO Network Scheduling System and How Does It Work?

This system allows your instructor to make a reservation (a block of time) for you to complete a NANSLO lab activity, for you to make an appointment during the reserved block, and access your assigned activity online via a web browser.  Typically, these laboratory sessions (dates/times selected by your instructor) are spread out over several days.

EACH reservation made uses a unique URL and PIN number.  Your instructor must give this information to you in order to set up a scheduling system account and make your first reservation (see Using the System for the First Time) or for scheduling additional appointments (see Scheduling Additional Appointments.)

Your instructor has also selected the number of students who will work together online.  For example, teams of 5 students may be selected for each laboratory session.

The system is set up on a first come, first serve basis.  So if your schedule is limited, make your appointment early.  The system opens for student appointments two weeks before the start date of your assigned lab (the first date selected by your instructor for his/her reservation.)

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Using the System for the
First Time
Scheduling Additional Appointments Accessing Your Student Dashboard

Using the System for the First Time

Enter the URL given to you by your instructor into your browser (Mozilla Firebox, Internet Explorer, etc.) to create a NANSLO scheduling system account (you do not sign up for an account on the WICHE site.)  The URL looks something like this -- EXAMPLE: 

Scheduler screen used to create a scheduling system account
Figure 1:  Screen used to create a scheduling system account.

You will be prompted to do several things:

  1. Set up an account in the scheduling system.  The system assigns you a unique username.

  2. Enter additional information including your first and last name, email account(s), and telephone number and the lab activity PIN number.  A confirmation is sent to your primary email address with your unique username and password. 

  3. Set up your assigned NANSLO lab activity appointment.  An appointment confirmation is sent to your primary email address providing more detailed information on how to access the lab and other information applicable to the lab activity.

  4. The last screen displayed shows not only information about your appointment but also your username and password.  Write this information down in case you entered an incorrect email address!  You can change your profile information by accessing your student dashboard.  See "Accessing Your Student Dashboard" below.

Scheduling Additional Appointments

Each assigned lab activity is given a unique URL and PIN number. 

To schedule an appointment for an additional lab activity, enter your instructor provided URL into your browser. 

The same screen used to create an account is show; however, this time you will enter your scheduling system "Username." 

Follow the prompts on the following screens to complete your appointment.

Scheduler screen used to create an appointment another assigned NANSLO lab activity
Figure 2:  Same screen as that used to create an account but this time you will enter your previously created scheduling system username and password.

Accessing Your Student Dashboard

After creating an account in the scheduling system and making an appointment, you have access to a student dashboard.  YOU DO NOT MAKE APPONTMENTS through this dashboard (see information above.)  It can be used to:

  • Access your scheduled labs on the dates and times selected; 

  • Modify your profile (including your email address if it has changed or was entered incorrectly); 

  • Reschedule an appointment when needed;

  • Resend the appointment confirmation email to you; and

  • Perform other miscellaneous activities. 

To access your student dashboard, go to  Select "I am a student." 

Going to and selecting the "I am a student" butotn.
Figure 3:  Selecting the "I am a student" button to access your customized Student Dashboard.

You will be prompted to enter your username and password. 

If you have forgotten either of these, select "Forgot my login or password," and the information will be sent to your primary email address.

  Accessing your student dashboard using your scheduling system username and password
Figure 4:  Screen used to enter your system generated username and password to access your customized Student Dashboard.



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