NANSLO - Remote Web-based Science Labs

How do students use RWSL exercises?

When assigned a NANSLO lab activity, students are provided with description of what they will be doing online and offline to complete the activity.  Currently, NANSLO has over 22 lab activities.  Accessing the RWSL exercises is easy. Using a URL and PIN number provided to students by faculty, students first set up a date/time convenient for them to perform the lab within the block of time reserved by faculty through the NANSLO Network Scheduling System.  Once an appointment has been set, students access the lab via the Internet using that URL and PIN number provided.  When connected, students are able to talk each other and with lab technicians who work in the lab using teleconferencing software. The number of students working together in this online environment is determined by their faculty but typically up to five students work together at one time.  One student controls the equipment while all are able to view the experiment through video streaming displayed in a window on the RWSL control panel. Students are able to pass the controls among each other to individually perform part or all of the activity. Those accessing the lab for the first time need to download software to their computer prior to accessing the lab. 

What does the experience look like to the student?

Laboratory equipment, such as the microscope shown in the "Biology" video, is equipped with a camera that views and captures high resolution images of slide samples. Additional cameras are positioned in the lab so that students can view the equipment being used for the lab activity, lab technicians, and the lab itself. 

The right hand pane of the RWSL interface (shown in the videos below) provides various camera controls for manipulation of video images of the scientific equipment and laboratory. Other controls are programmed to use robotics that adjust the position of components of the equipmented used for the specific activity.  Some activities ofer picture-in-picture capability allowing students to view two video streams at the same time. 

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