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WICHE is closely monitoring the outbreak of “SARS-CoV-2,” and the disease it causes, which has been named “coronavirus disease 2019” (abbreviated “COVID-19”). To inform and facilitate your response to a rapidly changing situation, WICHE has compiled the following set of resources, which will be updated as new information becomes available.

You will not be able to access the NANSLO Network Scheduling System unless your institution has an account with NANSLO and has been set up in the scheduling system.  If you would be interested in using NANSLO laboratories for your students, contact Kay Hulstrom at .

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Institutions with a NANSLO Account Customized Dashboards Student Activity Reports
System Username and Password Making a Reservation System Handbooks

Institutions with a NANSLO Account

Each institution using NANSLO has appointed an Institution Administrator who enters specific information into the system.  The following information is required before a reservation can be made:

  1. Course names and numbers, e.g. BIO 111 General Biology with Lab, for those courses using NANSLO.
  2. Institution term/semester information, e.g. FA/2015.
  3. Section IDs associated to the course names/numbers entered.
  4. Faculty names, email addresses, and phone numbers authorized to use NANSLO.

Current Institution Administrators can contact Sue Schmidt at to schedule a 45 minute training session or for other assistance.

System Username and Password

The scheduling system generates a unique username and password for each Institution Administrator and faculty member entered in the system by that Administrator.  Usernames and passwords are not generated through the WICHE website.  Each person entered in the system receives notification via his/her primary email address noting the username and password assigned.

Customized Dashboards

Institution Administrators and faculty members with an active scheduling system username and password have customized dashboards available to them.  Go to and select the "I am a faculty or administrator" button to access your dashboard.

"I am a faculty or administrator" button when going to
Figure 1:  Selecting the access button at

Entering your username and password in the fields provided.
Figure 2: Entering a username and password.

Institution Administrator Dashboard links.
Figure 3: Institution Administrator Dashboard links.

Faculty Dashboard links.
Figure 4: Faculty Dashboard links.

Making a Reservation

Making a reservation is easy using the system's step-by-step process.  The only information you need is:

  1. The lab activity (see NANSLO lab activities for a list of those currently available or ask us about customizing them to meet your needs.)
  2. The number of students assigned to the activity.
  3. The team size, e.g. 5 students work together on the lab.)
  4. The preferred date(s).
  5. The Section ID for the class using the lab.

Adding a reservation button.
Figure 5: Button used to add a reservation.

The system provides an entry screen used to define your reservation needs.

Information presented after entering the number of students and team size.
Figure 6: Entering information regarding your reservation.

The system automatically provides the number of sessions needed.  In this example, 35 students was selected with teams of 5 students. After selecting a date range, the system provides times available in the laboratory.  In this instance, you would select 7 time slots to meet your reservation needs.  The laboratory is often busy so make reservations early to get your preferred dates and times.

Selecting a date for the reservation using the calendar feature.
Figure 7: Using the calendar or entering the date range for your reservation.

After completing your reservation, a unique URL and PIN number is assigned to that reservation and sent to the appropriate parties.

You can modify an existing reservation up to two weeks prior to the start date. 

The URL and PIN is used by students to set up an appointment for the assigned lab.  See "Scheduling Labs-Students" to see how they make appointments.

NOTE:  Students cannot make an appointment until two weeks before the start date of your reservation to give you time to make needed modifications.

Student Activity Reports

Through your customized dashboard, you access rosters noting which students have made an appointments to perform assigned labs as well as reports showing when students accessed the laboratory and how long they spent performing the assigned activity.

Scheduling System Handbook

The NANSLO Network Scheduling Software is very institution.  If you have questions on specific functions on your Dashboard, select NANSLO NNSS Institution Administrator Handbook to view this handbook



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