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WICHE is closely monitoring the outbreak of “SARS-CoV-2,” and the disease it causes, which has been named “coronavirus disease 2019” (abbreviated “COVID-19”). To inform and facilitate your response to a rapidly changing situation, WICHE has compiled the following set of resources, which will be updated as new information becomes available.


The Western States Decision Support Group (WSDSG) is an information-sharing network for the behavioral health data and evaluation staff and managers from WICHE states and territories. WICHE MHP has been managing the WSDSG since 1985. WICHE MHP manages monthly conference calls to discuss emerging issues in behavioral health data and system evaluation and provides ongoing support to WSDSG members. WICHE MHP also organizes an annual meeting with training and presentations for WSDSG members to stay apprised of developments and best practices in the field of behavioral health data and evaluation. Funding is based on an annual membership fee of $6,000.



January 2012- Portland, OR

June 2011- Denver, CO

March 2006 - Burbank, CA

July 2006 - Rapid City, SD

December 2006 - Las Vegas, NV

November 2005 - Santa Fe, NM

August 2005 - Olympia, WA

April 2005 - Phoenix, AZ

January 2005 - San Francisco, CA

August 2004 - Boise, ID

May 2004 - Portland, OR

January 2004 - Salt Lake City, UT

August 2003  - Santa Fe, NM (35KB)

January 2003 - San Francisco, CA



Find information on state surveys, reports, data analysis, etc.


Alaska Reports

Arizona Reports

California Reports on Performance Outcomes and Quality Improvement

Colorado Data and Reporting

Hawaii The Hawaii Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

Idaho Publications

Montana Reports

Nevada Reports

New Mexico Quality and Evaluation Reports

North Dakota Publications and Research

Oregon Reports and Data

South Dakota Reports and publications

Utah Consumer Satisfaction Reports

Washington Publications

Wyoming Data and Statistics



Maps of Reserve Component Members who have been deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom/ Operation Enduring Freedom (OIF/OEF) since 9/11/2001

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