LAC Annual Meeting 2018

Annual Meeting, September 25-26, 2018

The Grove Hotel | Boise, Idaho

Serving Students & State Goals: The Shared Mission of State Legislatures & Higher Education 


Tuesday, September 25

Legislative Spotlight: Idaho’s Higher Education Priorities and Accomplishments

Idaho State Board of Education executive director Matt Freeman led a discussion with Idaho legislators focused on the state’s upcoming legislative priorities for higher education and reflections on their accomplishments and challenges over the last session.

Matt Freeman, executive director, Idaho State Board of Education, WICHE Commissioner

Senator Dean Mortimer, Idaho
Representative Wendy Horman, Idaho
Representative Ilana Rubel, Idaho

Aligning State Resources for Student Success

In an era when state higher education funding frequently faces stiff competition from other fiscal priorities such as healthcare and K-12 spending, how are states across the West ensuring public higher education remains affordable for their residents? Panelists discussed how Western states are allocating often scarce resources to promote postsecondary affordability through state financial aid programs, highlighting Washington's comprehensive financial aid structure and Nevada’s journey to creating a need-based financial aid program.

David Longanecker, president, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education | PRESENTATION

Crystal Abba, vice chancellor for academic and student affairs, Nevada System of Higher Education | PRESENTATION
Senator Ben Kieckhefer, Nevada
Rachelle Sharpe, deputy executive director, Washington Student Achievement Council and president, National Association of State Student Grant and Aid
   Programs (NASSGAP) 

Workforce Pathways: Apprenticeships, Certificates, and Beyond

While an ever-growing number of jobs require postsecondary education of some kind, this does not always mean a bachelor’s degree. This session explored how states are preparing the next generation of their workforce through shorter-term, sub-baccalaureate credentials and the labor market implications of these credentials.

Christina Sedney, senior policy analyst, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education | PRESENTATION

Patrick Crane, director, office of community colleges and workforce development, Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission | PRESENTATION
Rebecca Long, labor program specialist, South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation | PRESENTATION

Workforce Shortages: Recruiting and Retaining Western Educators

A key issue for Western states is the recruitment and retention of teachers, particularly in rural school districts. This session explored how states, districts, and higher education institutions are partnering to address this critical challenge.

Christina Sedney, senior policy analyst, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education | PRESENTATION

Robert Mitchell, assistant professor, leadership, research, and foundations, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs and former academic policy
   officer for educator preparation, Colorado Department of Higher Education | PRESENTATION

Wednesday, September 20

What Does WICHE Mean for You? Mental Health on College Campuses

It has become increasingly clear that mental health on college campuses is a complex and pressing issue with serious implications for higher education institutions. Representatives of WICHE’s behavioral health program shared activities and programs campuses are using to tackle this challenge, as well as how legislators can support these efforts.

Dennis Mohatt, vice president, behavioral health program, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education | PRESENTATION
Liza Tupa, director of education and research, behavioral health program, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education

What Does WICHE Mean for You? Interstate Passport®

This session provided an overview of WICHE’s innovative Interstate Passport—a program that facilitates block transfer of students’ lower-division general education attainment based on learning outcomes—and its implications for state legislators.

Jere Mock, vice president, programs and services, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education
Patricia Shea, director, academic leadership initiatives, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education PRESENTATION

Lita Burns, vice president for instruction, North Idaho College
Paul Turman, system vice president for academic affairs, South Dakota Board of Regents
Laura Woodworth-Ney, executive vice president and provost, Idaho State University

The Interaction of Federal & State Policy: Key Issues for 2019

Policy shifts across a variety of issues at the federal level over the past year have led to serious implications for states as they consider their own policymaking agendas for the coming year. This session dove into detail on questions of federal and state policy interaction as they relate to higher education, including state authorization, tax reform’s impact on higher education, and more.

David Longanecker, president, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education

Russell Poulin, director, policy and analysis, WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies (WCET) PRESENTATION
Thomas Harnisch, director of state relations and policy analysis, American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) | PRESENTATION
Becky Theiss, associate manager, fiscal federalism initiative, The Pew Charitable Trusts