What student programs does WICHE offer?

Our flexible, state-responsive Student Exchange Programs provide a broad range of higher education options for some 35,600 students each year at undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels. Students gain affordable access to desired programs, while states avoid unnecessary duplication of programs and institutions can devote their resources to improving the quality of their educational offerings.

In WICHE’s Western Undergraduate Exchange, students pay 150 percent of the receiving school’s resident tuition, substantially less than standard nonresident tuition. Some 34,000 students enrolled in 2013-14, saving some $264.7 million in tuition. Through our Professional Student Exchange Program, some 14,000 professionals, most in healthcare, have received home-state support when enrolled in programs in another Western state; the majority of them remain in the region to practice their careers. In 2014-15, some 660 students enrolled in the program, which offers 10 fields of professional education. In 2013-14, some 350 distinctive graduate programs at more than 55 institutions in 15 states were available on an in-state tuition basis through our Western Regional Graduate Program. More than 1,130 graduate students participated in WRGP in 2013-14.

WICHE’s newest exchange is the Internet Course Exchange (ICE), an alliance of member institutions and systems that broadens student access to online courses and programs. WICHE ICE is an institutional tool that enables students to seamlessly access other two- and four-year institutions’ courses while using the advisory, registration, and financial aid services provided at their home campuses.

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