If I am selected to receive WICHE PSEP support, how much will I pay in tuition?

To determine your exact tuition charges with WICHE PSEP support, contact your enrolling institution. Keep in mind that the “support fee” funds for each WICHE PSEP student are sent directly to the enrolling institution, not to the student.

If you’re enrolled at a public institution, you will typically pay resident tuition. However, if you’re a new student who enrolled at a public institution beginning fall 2013 or later and the resident/nonresident tuition differential is not fully covered by the support fee, the program can charge you the balance of nonresident tuition less the support fee. 

If you're enrolled in a “self-funded” program at a public institution, where there is no difference between resident and nonresident tuition, then you will pay the balance of the full tuition minus the support fee.

If you're a pharmacy student enrolled at a public institution, the enrolling program may charge you the balance of the support fee minus nonresident tuition; this is because the pharmacy support fee is lower and is not currently set to cover tuition differentials at public institutions.

The institution receives the support fee funds to help cover the tuition differential that a nonresident would normally pay. Public schools receive state tax dollars to supplement the cost of their residents’ education. Nonresidents don’t contribute to those tax dollars, so your home state helps make up the difference by contributing the WICHE PSEP support fee.

If you are enrolled at a private institution, you will pay the balance of private tuition minus the support fee.

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