What is WICHE’s Internet Course Exchange (ICE)?

WICHE ICE is an administrative tool institutions can use to share extra seats in online courses. It allows students to register and use their financial aid at their home institution for online courses taught by an instructor at another ICE member institution. It can be especially helpful when a student can’t enroll in a course on his/her campus because it is full or when she has a special interest in a topic not offered at his home school like the Alaska students who take certain social work courses at the University of Wyoming. The courses exchanged through ICE appear on the student’s transcript as though they were taught by his home institution, so no transfer hassles later. Visit the list of ICE members to see if your institution participates in ICE. If it does, look in your catalog or schedule of classes for information about what courses are available through this program or contact your institution’s ICE PIC (Program Information Coordinator).

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