Where can I get help deciding about a career before I take online courses?

Great question! Too many students start taking courses without any goals in mind. Later, they find out that the courses they have taken will not be helpful for the credential or employment they are seeking. They end up spending more time and money taking the right courses to meet their goal, and often delve further into debt.

Most colleges and universities have a career services center where you can talk with a counselor and also take a series of assessments to help you determine your interests and strengths. Many institutions make these services available to their current and prospective students online.

Or try the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) CareerOneStop. Click on the link for students. You’ll find a wide range of resources to help you explore your interests, and learn about different careers and what kinds of education and training are required for them. And don’t miss DOL’s Financial Aid Advisor where you can learn about scholarships and funding sources in your state.

Most states have employment sites, too, with many kinds of resources to help you learn about future employment trends, average salaries, and job openings.

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