10th edition due for 2020 release

Every four years, WICHE publishes Knocking at the College Door, with detailed data and projections more than 15 years forward on high school graduate populations for all 50 states. With data disaggregated by state, gender, and ethnicity, WICHE’s national research on this topic is often considered, as the Boston Globe has termed it, “the industry gold standard.”

In addition to the primary report (the 9th edition published December 2016; the 10th will publish in late 2020), WICHE staff frequently present on this data in webinars and higher education conferences, produce supplemental reports offering a deep dive into data facets or related issues, and are widely cited in news media on the topic of future college enrollment trends.

Produced with generous support from the College Board and ACT, Knocking at the College Door reflects WICHE’s enduring commitment to objective research that helps stakeholders make prudent decisions related to higher education policy, institutional operations, and long-term planning.

WICHE’s 10th edition of Knocking at the College Door, which projects the number of high school graduates out to 2037, was released on a webcast December 15th, 2020.