Internet Course Exchange (ICE) | Checklist

Getting Started Checklist


  1. Take the following steps to become familiar with WICHE ICE:

    1. Review the benefits of membership

    2. Read the white paper

    3. Review the Operations Manual

    4. Contact Pat Shea, WICHE ICE Director, with any questions

    5. Talk with other WICHE ICE members


  1. Become a member

    1. Complete the memorandum of understanding

    2. Pay your membership dues


  1. Learn how to use the database

    1. Peruse the WICHE ICE Course Catalog

    2. Review the User Manual for the database. 

    3. Schedule WICHE ICE implementation training with Anna Galas, ICE PIC Coordinator, before beginning the next steps (


  1. Create a WICHE ICE Team on your campus

    1. Appoint an ICE Program Information Coordinator (PIC) to lead the initiative.

    2. Determine your campus level of participation.
    3. Develop an annual timeline 

    4. ​Develop an institutional Course Offering Plan



  1. Set in place the procedures for sharing and receiving WICHE ICE courses and/or programs utilizing the expertise of your institution WICHE ICE Team members.  This step can take up to 3 months. Here is a sample process created by a member institution.