Internet Course Exchange (ICE) | Dues

Membership Fees 

The membership year runs from July 1-June 30. In addition to an annual membership fee, a consortium pays WICHE an administrative fee based on number of enrollments and the services WICHE provides. See Operations Manual for details.  

ICE welcomes the participation of consortia based in the United States.


Consortia Memberships. ICE offers consortia in the following categories the opportunity to participate in WICHE ICE. 

  • System Consortium Membership (single interface) – defined as an electronic system Consortium that has a single legal interface with the ICE program that mirrors a single institutional membership interface. The consortium must have been formally established in System policy specifically to coordinate and serve as a single storefront for online course delivery on behalf of all System member campuses. There must be a formal single tuition level for any course offered through the Consortium, as the Consortium is represented as the provider of the ICE course(s), and as the single interface with ICE and other member institutions. Dues: $7,500
  • System Consortium Membership (Multiple Interfaces)—defined as a statewide consortium of higher education institutions. The system’s member institutions may be two-year, four-year, or both as legally structured in the state. Each institution has its own independent interface with WICHE ICE. Dues: $5,000 + $1,000 for each participating institution.