2020 Forum Annual Meeting | Meeting Home

Who Really Matters in the Changing Landscape
of Higher Education?

April 22-24, 2020, Juneau, AK


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Dr. Vicki L. Golich, Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs, MSU Denver
Karen Carey, Forum Chair
​Provost, University of Alaska Southeast

As chair of the Western Academic Leadership Forum, I look forward to welcoming you to the 2020 Forum Annual Meeting in beautiful Juneau, Alaska. Juneau is located in the largest national forest in the United States, the Tongass, a coastal rainforest, where you can also view the Mendenhall Glacier. 

With the theme “Who Really Matters in the Changing Landscape of Higher Education,” our program will explore the value of higher education and the key stakeholders making decisions about higher education, including students, legislators, and faculty. 

How do we ensure that all students are at the center of any conversation including those by legislators, system officers, and budget managers? How do we ensure that all students are provided opportunities to thrive in the changing higher education environment, and what are best practices for advising students in these turbulent times? How are faculty engaged in creating a positive campus culture for themselves as well as students? 

These difficult questions are facing many of us right now and our program will hopefully provide a means to navigate the current times. Speakers will include students, faculty, legislators, and advisors, and you will have opportunity to engage in conversations and network with your peers during the forum.

Who Should Attend

In attendance you will find colleagues eager to share the lessons they’ve learned from tackling a host of institutional and academic challenges, including the ones you’re facing.

  • Provosts, vice presidents and directors of academic affairs, and directors of research from public and private bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral institutions.

  • Chief executive officers and chief academic officers of systems and statewide agencies

  • Other staff, with expertise in the program topic areas, who are accompanying those above at their invitation.