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Who Really Matters in the Changing Landscape
of Higher Education?

April 22-24, 2020, Juneau, AK



I look forward to welcoming you to the Forum’s 2019 Annual Meeting in beautiful Boulder, Colorado! This year’s program theme – “A Place for All? Belonging in Higher Education” – seeks to raise questions about and propose solutions for enhancing the sense of belonging for all who live and work in higher education.


We know that students persist successfully through to graduation when they believe they belong in college. We also know that the student populations we educate increasingly come from traditionally underrepresented populations or are first generation students. These students often do not believe they belong in college; they also seldom have support systems among family and friends to help them stay in college when they hit the inevitable rough patches everyone faces in pursuit of a post-secondary degree.


How can we create learning environments where all students know they belong and can succeed? Higher education research consistently demonstrates the power of having role models in the classroom – people who look like our students – to help students understand they can succeed. Importantly, then, we have dedicated a portion of our program to the work of contingent faculty in our discussion and the extent to which their sense of belonging (or not) affects students’ sense of belonging.


As usual, our Forum program provides an ideal mix of expert commentary on these important topics as well as opportunities for meaningful conversations among colleagues in small group discussions. To make this possible, a heartfelt thank you to our generous sponsors. We could not produce this meeting without their critical contributions!

Photo of Vicki Golich  

Vicki Golich, Forum Chair
​Provost and Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, Metropolitan State University of Denver

Who Should Attend

In attendance you will find colleagues eager to share the lessons they’ve learned from tackling a host of institutional and academic challenges, including the ones you’re facing.

  • Provosts, vice presidents and directors of academic affairs, and directors of research from public and private bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral institutions.

  • Chief executive officers and chief academic officers of systems and statewide agencies

  • Other staff, with expertise in the program topic areas, who are accompanying those above at their invitation.