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Breaking through the Noise: Messaging for Maximum Impact

April 25-27, 2018
Vancouver, WA

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As chair of the Western Academic Leadership Forum, I want to invite you to attend our annual meeting in beautiful downtown Vancouver, Washington. With the theme "Breaking Through the Noise: Messaging for Maximum Impact," our program looks to the present and future of higher education and how we can better tell our story to multiple audiences (students, legislators, faculty) through multiple channels ranging from face-to-face, to social media, to online education platforms, to new channels we haven't yet dreamed of. How do we focus and enhance our message in this "noisy" environment? These questions are of great importance in higher education right now. I hope you will enjoy our recommended advance reading by our keynote presenter, Claude Steele: Whistling Vivaldi, which examines how messaging (in this case, stereotype threat) can affect academic performance. This meeting provides an ideal mix of expert commentary on our topics and opportunities for meaningful interactions with colleagues in small group discussions. I believe we will all leave with new ideas and perspectives that will be reinvigorating.

Photo of Teddi Safman  

Renny Christopher, Forum Chair
​Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Washington State University Vancouver

Who Should Attend

In attendance you will find colleagues eager to share the lessons they’ve learned from tackling a host of institutional and academic challenges, including the ones you’re facing.

  • Provosts, vice presidents and directors of academic affairs, and directors of research from public and private bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral institutions.

  • Chief executive officers and chief academic officers of systems and statewide agencies

  • Other staff with expertise in the program topic areas, who are accompanying those above at their invitation.