Joint Annual Meeting - Forum and Alliance


At the Confluence: Academic Leaders Steering Their Communities Forward

April 20-22, 2016
Missoula, MT

* Download the 2016 FINAL Program



We welcome you to join us in Missoula, Montana, for the 2016 Joint Annual Meeting of the Western Academic Leadership Forum and the Western Alliance of Community College Academic Leaders. The meeting’s theme – “At the Confluence: Academic Leaders Steering Their Communities Forward” – is appropriate for the convening of the WICHE region’s two-and four- year chief academic leaders. It is also appropriate for our location as author Norman Maclean once started a good story with “We lived at the junction of great trout rivers in western Montana,” and concluded the story with “eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.”

This is only the second time that the Forum and the Alliance have held a joint meeting (the last joint meeting was four years ago). By meeting together, we have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of various issues that confront us from different perspectives as well as what can be realized when both two-year and four-year academic leaders share ideas. We believe this occasion to network and build relationships across both sectors in the region poses a significant opportunity to strengthen higher education in the West. 

Both organizations’ executive committees worked over the summer to build this very powerful program for our upcoming meeting. It is designed to include stimulating presentations from national and regional experts as well as multiple opportunities to engage in conversations on hot topics with your colleagues in this smaller, more intimate venue. 

As you make your plans to attend, we hope you will build in some time to experience and enjoy Missoula’s proximity to the beautiful outdoors (the rivers, the mountains, trails, and wilderness areas) and the downtown with great shops and restaurants – our hotel is situated for easy access to all of these. 

And, of course, a river runs right by our hotel so be sure to bring your fly rod!

Photo of Neil Moisey  

Neil Moisey, Forum Chair
Special Assistant for Academic Affairs, Montana University System

Photo of John Cech  

John Cech, Alliance Chair
Deputy Commissioner, Academic & Student Affairs, Montana University System

Who Should Attend

In attendance you will find colleagues eager to share the lessons they’ve learned from tackling a host of institutional and academic challenges, including the ones you’re facing.

  • Provosts, vice presidents and directors of academic affairs, and directors of research from public and private bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral institutions, community colleges and technical schools.

  • Chief executive officers and chief academic officers of systems and statewide agencies

  • Other staff with expertise in the meeting topics who are accompanying those above at their invitation