Western Academic Leadership Forum

WALF 2011 Annual Meeting

The Politics of Student Success: Meeting the Challenges – from Readiness to Completion

April 13-15, 2011 | Fort collins, co
Hosted by: colorado state University Colorado State University logo
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This April the Western Academic Leadership Forum (known as the Forum) will bring together the West’s top academic leaders to share perspectives on current issues to help inform their future decisions, as well as to engage in planning and developing innovative regional initiatives addressing common concerns. The Forum, founded by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, will host its 2011 meeting in Fort Collins, CO.


Student success lies at the heart of the academic enterprise, but how people understand and value the different dimensions of student success varies, not only among faculty and administrators but also across institutions and between professional educators and external stakeholders and policymakers. These differences in views and values are accentuated by differences in each person’s ability to affect policy, funding choices, and outcomes. These interdependencies make achieving student success inherently political – in both the best and the worst sense of the word.

During this meeting we will focus on how we can work together to meet the challenges of assuring college readiness and access, improving persistence and completion rates, and making sure that the credentials awarded reflect real and significant learning and intellectual maturation. Since these topics are also of great concern to our colleagues who are members of the new Western Alliance of Community College Academic Leaders, we have invited them to join us this year.

Please plan to participate in this important conversation about how we can better understand and navigate these crucial educational and institutional puzzles.


Photo of Sam Gingerich

Alan Lamborn, WALF Chair
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs, Colorado State University

Who Should Attend

In attendance you will find colleagues eager to share the lessons they’ve learned from tackling a host of institutional and academic challenges, including the ones you’re facing.

  • Provosts, vice presidents and directors of academic affairs, and directors of research from public and private bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral institutions.

  • Chief executive officers and chief academic officers of systems and statewide agencies

  • Other staff with expertise in the meeting topics who are accompanying those above at their invitation.

In addition, this year, members of the new Western Alliance of Community College Academic Leaders (the Alliance) will be welcome to attend. Together, we will help build a stronger future for higher education in the West.