2020 Spring Commission Meeting

WICHE’s governing commission, comprised of 48 individuals representing 16 member states and territories, meets twice annually to discuss business of this interstate agency. This meeting is also a convening for WICHE committees including Policy and Research, Programs and Services, and WICHE Executive Committee.

2019 Western States Decision Support Group Annual Meeting

The Western States Decision Support Group (WSDSG) is an information-sharing network for the behavioral health data and evaluation staff and managers from WICHE states and territories. The WICHE Behavioral Health Program has been managing the WSDSG since 1985. This annual meeting features training and presentations for WSDSG members to stay apprised of developments and best practices in the field of behavioral health data and evaluation.

2019 Behavioral Health Oversight Council

The Behavioral Health Oversight Council is the WICHE Behavioral Health Program’s advisory board, and is composed of the chief state behavioral health official from each WICHE state and two representatives of the WICHE commission. The council’s role is to advise on the programmatic and fiscal direction of the program; to provide representation of the public behavioral health system in formulation of the program’s policies, objectives, and priorities; and to advocate for financial and participatory support of the program.

2019 WCET Annual Meeting

Every fall, WCET convenes at the Annual Meeting in a variety of locations across the United States. The meeting brings together professionals in higher education and edtech to discuss major topics facing institutions and organizations today. The meeting is capped at 450 attendees in order to maintain an intimate space for developing ideas.

2019 National Dialogues on Behavioral Health

The National Dialogues on Behavioral Health is the oldest ongoing annual conference on mental health and substance abuse in the United States. Formerly known as the Southern Conference on Mental Health, the first conference was held in 1959, making this the 60th anniversary of its convening. The conference, which has been described as “a gem in the behavioral health field,” brings together experts, administrators, providers, consumers, family members, and advocates to discuss cutting-edge topics with a focus on implementation. The event is widely recognized as an opportunity for extended dialogue and interaction for participants.

2019 WCET Leadership Summit

WCET Leadership Summits are designed to bring together educational leaders and practitioners from forward-thinking institutions and enterprises that are actively pursuing answers to the big questions in higher education.

2019 WICHE Veterinary Medicine Advisory Council

WICHE’s Veterinary Medicine Advisory Council advises the WICHE Commission and staff in matters related to veterinary medicine in the Professional Student Exchange Program (PSEP). The council convenes annually to discuss the profession’s education and workforce trends, the vet med student pipeline and recruitment, student success initiatives, and opportunities for collaboration across colleges and states in the West. Council representatives include pre-veterinary advisors and legislators from states that provide financial support for students through PSEP; professional veterinarians and leaders of state veterinary medicine associations; and deans and administrators of cooperating colleges of veterinary medicine.

2019 Western Academic Leadership Academy

This two-and-a-half day seminar gives participants (capped at 17 to maximize intimacy and interactivity) a nuanced and sophisticated perspective on the many facets of a chief academic leader’s role, as well as discussion and problem-solving related to opportunities and challenges presented by myriad stakeholder groups with which provosts work. Participants must be of Dean’s rank or higher, nominated by the institution’s provost or senior academic official of VP rank. The Academy is a major output of the Western Academic Leadership Forum, whose members are four-year institutions throughout the WICHE region, represented by their provost or chief academic officer.

2019 Legislative Advisory Committee Meeting

The Legislative Advisory Committee’s annual meeting brings together Western legislators in a discussion of current higher education policy issues. Members engage with fellow legislators, subject-matter experts, and WICHE staff to discuss state policy approaches to addressing key challenges in higher education as well as strategies for interstate collaboration.

WICHE Task Force on Closing Postsecondary Attainment Gaps

WICHE Task Force meetings are designed to bring key stakeholders from the three Task Force states (Arizona, Utah, and Wyoming) together to work toward closing postsecondary attainment gaps by sharing challenges and solutions, building cross-state and sector relationships, and establishing regional recommendations.