WICHE helps states upgrade behavioral health services

Helping states upgrade behavioral health services

Maricopa Fidelity Review Team
Maricopa Fidelity Review Team

With the opening of a new training center in Anchorage, the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium—which provides healthcare for 158,000 individuals—is expanding to staff its 170 village clinics with behavioral health aides certified in the prevention of domestic violence, suicide, and substance abuse. WICHE’s Mental Health Program has partnered with this consortium to develop the BHA Checklist, a state-of-the-art tool for assessing the knowledge, skills, and performance of behavioral health aides.

WICHE’s Mental Health Program also recently signed a two-year contract extension under which WICHE will assist Arizona’s Maricopa County in evaluating Phoenix-area service providers of Assertive Community Treatment, Supported Employment, Permanent Supportive Housing, and Consumer-Operated Services.

Finally, the Mental Health Program was awarded a $66,786 contract to serve as a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) data consultant to the Washington Health Care Authority. WICHE program staff will conduct research and provide technical assistance to advise the Health Care Authority on how to meet SAMHSA reporting requirements while maximizing use of existing data and minimizing the burden on behavioral health partners.