PSEP (Healthcare)
College of Optometry
Class of 2018
Where you are studying/did you study? (name of institution): 
Pacific University

<p>The WICHE&nbsp;program is an amazing&nbsp;scholarship&nbsp;that I am blessed to have while attending Optometry school. This has given me the opportunity to save a great deal of money while receiving my professional education&nbsp;and allows me to return home once I have completed my O.D.. Some may argue that having this scholarship holds you back from taking other opportunities if presented in other states, however, I do not feel this way. I plan on returning to Wyoming regardless of other opportunities, and this scholarship is saving me close to 100K with interest in the future. The program is paying me to come back home. This doesn&#39;t get any better than that! Thank you to all of those that have supported students with this financial opportunity!</p>

<p>Josiah Black</p>

What is your home state of residency?: