How does WICHE’s PSEP (Professional Student Exchange Program) work?

Healthcare workforce needs are at an all-time high, regionally and nationally. State policymakers are looking for the smartest investment of limited tax dollars, and sharing educational resources within the West is a fiscally responsible approach. Given fiscal pressures and other factors, it doesn’t always make sense for a state to create its own program in certain healthcare professions.

Years ago, our Western states formed the Western Regional Education Compact and agreed to share higher education resources in the region through WICHE.

WICHE states that use PSEP have discovered they get an excellent return on investment when they appropriate funds to educate students at other institutions within the WICHE region. Those funds are administered through WICHE’s PSEP and are sent to the enrolling institutions. The student’s home state pays a “support fee” for the student’s seat; this fee is negotiated between WICHE and the cooperating programs.

If your state is a member of WICHE and does not offer a healthcare education program at an in-state public institution, there’s a good chance that your state can help you through WICHE’s PSEP. Your state may also provide support through PSEP in a healthcare field that is only offered at a private institution located within the state.

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Professional Student Exchange Program (PSEP)