PSEP (Healthcare)
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Class of 2019
Where you are studying/did you study? (name of institution): 
University of Utah

<p>&nbsp;I have dreamed of&nbsp;going to physical therapy school for a long time, and would not let anything get in the way of that goal. &nbsp;With rising costs of tuition, this presented a stressful challenge. &nbsp; I wondered how I could possibly&nbsp;afford to go to graduate school and pay&nbsp;out of state tuition. &nbsp;Having the WICHE has afforded me the opportunity to go to a great school at a more reasonable price so I can focus on what counts, which is learning and getting the most out of this experience. &nbsp;Thanks to the WICHE, I am able to go to an incredible PT school and pursue my lifelong goal of becoming a physical therapist, a career that will eventually allow me to give back to the state that I love. &nbsp;</p>

What is your home state of residency?: