Adams State University joins the Interstate Passport Network

Adams State University joins the Interstate Passport® Network

Adams State University recently became the first Colorado postsecondary institution to join the Interstate Passport Network, a nationwide network of two- and four-year colleges and universities managed that allows students to transfer lower-division general education credits as a block to any network member institution. The network, managed by WICHE, now consists of 31 institutions across 13 states. Interstate Passport’s block transfer program is based on a set of learning outcomes rather than individual courses. Students who complete their institution’s lower-division general education block earn a Passport, assuring that the coursework will be accepted as completion of general education at all member institutions and minimizing the uncertainty that often accompanies a student’s transfer to a new institution, especially one in a different state.  

“Adams State University sees tremendous benefits and advantages to the Interstate Passport,” said Cheryl D. Lovell, president of Adams State. “We are also very excited to provide additional ways to serve students, especially historically under-served populations, by providing a seamless transfer option into one of our high-quality undergraduate programs.”

Since the Interstate Passport Network launched in 2016, member institutions have awarded over 25,500 Passports,” according to Anna Galas, director of academic leadership initiatives at WICHE. “As the Interstate Passport Network continues to grow, we expect to see considerably larger numbers of transfer students become motivated to complete their degrees.” For more on the Interstate Passport, visit