2024 Forum Annual Meeting

The Western Academic Leadership Forum is an interstate membership group of higher education leaders at four-year institutions based in the West. Roughly 60 chief academic officers and provosts at WICHE-region public and private doctoral, master’s, and bachelor’s level institutions and related systems offices and state agencies gather each year for the Forum’s annual meeting. This highly rated, intimate annual meeting leads to constant idea generation around pressing issues while also facilitating professional development.

The 2024 Forum Annual Meeting is taking place April 3-5, 2024 in Honolulu, HI. The focus of the 2024 Forum Annual Meeting is focused on the way an institution’s mission and values can reflect geographical region, institutional history, and the makeup of their students, staff, and faculty, and what that means in a time of increased turnover and student mobility. The interactive sessions at this annual meeting will discuss the ways in which institutions navigate and respond to these historic, demographic, and historical contexts. What does it mean for an institution to be in, of, and for its community?

Important Dates

  • Call for proposals: July 31, 2023
  • Proposals are due October 6, 2023 midnight MT
  • Decisions will be made no later than November 17, 2023

Good sessions produce actionable insights that attendees can take back to campus.

The format of the 2-day Forum Annual Meeting includes an invited keynote address as well as three 90 minute general sessions, four 45 minute general sessions, and three 25 minute roundtables.

We encourage proposers to consider sharing in a way that elicits interactive problem-solving and conversation, and we particularly appreciate sessions that feature cross-institutional presentations. WICHE may create a panel from multiple proposals to address one of the overarching questions from multiple perspectives.

Proposals should include:

A clear and concise title (up to 25 words)

A brief description of your session (up to 50 words, to be used in meeting materials).

A longer statement describing the content and context of the session (up to 250 words).

Please list 3-4 discussion questions and/or interactive techniques (i.e. case study, think-pair-share) that relate to your session

Which overarching question does this session attempt to address:

  • How has your institution upheld its values and identity in the face of change? What strategies have you implemented, and how have these strategies impacted enrollment/engagement/graduation rates?
  • What has your institution done to help faculty better relate to the evolving definition of what it means to be a student/learner? What innovative initiatives has your institution implemented to support the ever-changing student body, and current learning climate?
  • How does your institution utilize advances in technology platforms to support students/learners, faculty research, staff productivity, and streamline processes? How have these advances brought new ideas in curriculum/teaching/research?
  • How do we unpack, understand, and shift the value proposition of higher education?

Which type of session are you interested in:

  • Roundtable discussion- 20m, we ask you stay at your table to facilitate the discussion. 3 times, participants will move between tables.
  • General session- 90m; these sessions will use the following format: 45m for presentation or panel discussion followed by 15m of Q and A; then 30m for facilitated discussion in small groups.
  • General session – 45m; these sessions use the following format: 30m for presentation or panel discussion followed by 15m of Q and A.

Please indicate if you would be interested in being assigned to a panel with other proposal submissions.

Please include the names, titles, institutional affiliation, and email addresses for all session presenters. Clearly designate which presenter is the main point of contact for WICHE.

Kay Hulstrom

Associate Director, Operations and Program Implementation, Programs and Services