Building the Foundation: Early Interventions for Access and Success

Building the Foundation: Early Interventions for AcCCESS AND SUCCESS

WICHE's College Access Challenge Grant Network members gathered in Boise, Idaho June 26 and 27. Among other topics, participants focused on how early targeting can help increase the number of low-income students prepared to enter and succeed in postsecondary education. Presentations included information on new games that can increase college-going knowledge; data on differences in employment outcomes for postsecondary graduates; and interventions that have shown promise in Colorado and Idaho.

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Into the Workplace: Measuring Success Beyond Graduation
      Speaker: Mark Schneider, vice president, American Institutes of Research

College Remediation: Why Wait?
      Speaker: Scott Mendelsberg, executive director, Colorado GEAR UP (Handouts available soon)

Focus on Preparation: What's Working in Serving Low-Income Students
      Speaker: Jenni Kimball, educational specialist, TRiO Upward Bound, Boise State University

Not Just College-Going: Building a Culture of College Success       Speaker: Zoe Corwin, director of research, Pullias Center for Higher Education, University of Southern California