The Future of College Access and Success

Members of WICHE's CACG Network gathered in Austin December 13 and 14. Among other topics, the meeting examined future trends in high school graduation rate and their potential impact on college access and success for low-income populations.

The agenda for the meeting is available here



Future Demographic Trends: WICHE’s Knocking at the College Door

Brian Prescott, director of policy research, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education

What Works and What Doesn’t for Web Portals?

Van Davis, director of special projects, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

Supporting for Success: Helping Low-Income Students Access Available Benefits
Handout: Benefits 101

Amy Ellen Duke-Benfield, senior policy analyst, CLASP

Promising Strategies in College Completion for Underserved Groups

Margarita Benitez, senior associate, Excelencia in Education

The Federal Landscape: What’s in Store for Access and Success

David Longanecker, president, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education

Evaluation Strategies for College Access Marketing

Jason Siegel, research associate professor and co-director, Health Psychology and Prevention Science Institute, Claremont Graduate University