Rural Behavioral Health Web Casts/Webinars

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Screening for Depression and Suicide: What Rural Health and Behavioral Health Practitioners Need to Know


Dr. Christa Smith Psy.D
Thursday, October 2, 2008

The webcast will begin with a discussion of the rational behind screening for depression and suicide. This will be followed by key background information on depression and suicide. The presenter will talk about who should be screened, how to conduct screening (including some screening tool options), and treatment options for those who screen positive. There will be a list of resources at the end of the talk and (hopefully) time for questions.



  1. Participants will know who to screen for depression and suicide.
  2. Participants will know how to screen for depression and suicide.
  3. Participants will increase their knowledge about depression and suicide as well as treatment options for patients who screen positive.

Powerpoint presentation.