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Mood disorders in early childhood : Screening, Assessment, and Treatment


Dr. Karen Sharer-Mohatt
May 2, 2006


Web cast objectives:

  1. Participants will be provided an overview of diagnostic and treatment issues relating to mood disorders in children and youth.
  2. Participants will receive information on effectively using natural systems of care to support the care and recovery of children and youth with mood disorders.
  3. Participants will gain an understanding of the special issues relating to the presentation of mood disorders in children and youth, and the impact upon treatment decisions.

PowerPoint presentation.


Photo of Dr. Karen Sharer-MohattDr. Karen Sharer-Mohatt obtained a degree in Clinical Psychology from the Minnesota School of Professional Psychology in 1994. She earned a MA degree in Rural Community Clinical Psychology from Mansfield University in PA in 1984. Dr. Sharer-Mohatt has practiced as a therapist in community mental health clinics, as a School Psychologist and Director of Special Education, and as a Clinical Psychologist in private practice and hospital consulting. Currently, Dr. Sharer-Mohatt owns a small group private practice in Lincoln, NE. She has advanced training in work with trauma and has a special clinical interest in psycholanalytic psychotherapy in the Object Relations school of thought. To enhance her learning and experience in the theory of Object Relations, Dr. Sharer-Mohatt is currently accepted as a student in the two-year core program at the International Psychotherapy Institute in Bethesda, MD.