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Better Todays. Better Tomorrows. For Children's Mental Health


Ann D. Kirkwood, MA

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Web cast Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will learn how telemedicine technologies can be used to enhance service delivery to rural populations
  2. Specific case example from work with rural American Indian and Alaska Native populations will be used to illustrate the implementation process for telemedicine technologies
  3. Participants will become familiar with the menu of telemedicine technologies available in health care

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Photo of Ann D. KirkwoodAnn D. Kirkwood, MA
Senior Research Associate
Idaho State University, Boise Center
Institute of Rural Health

Ms. Kirkwood specializes in adult education and social marketing and has directed the Better Todays. Better Tomorrows. school- and community-based mental health program since its inception. She has attained promising practice designation for Better Todays from the NCTSN. She directed public relations, public involvement and strategic planning for the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare for nine years before joining Idaho State University in the fall of 2000. She has been active in the International Association of Public Participation and received certification as a public participation professional in 2004. She managed a mental health anti-stigma multi-media campaign that won an International George Peabody award for excellence in broadcasting, an excellence in public information award from the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, and an excellence in public broadcasting award from the National Educational Television Association.

Ms. Kirkwood also worked for 18 years as a reporter, editor and publisher at various newspapers across the United States, including at one in a Tlingit community in Southeast Alaska, winning two national awards for editorial writing from the National Newspaper Association and numerous regional and state awards for reporting and editing. She serves as chair of the Awareness Committee for SPAN Idaho, participated in writing the State Suicide Plan in 2003 and sits on the Idaho State Board of Psychologist Examiners. She serves on the Technology and Communication Task Force and school mental health committees for the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, of which she is a member. Under the NCTSN grant, she services on the Consumer, Community & Survivor Work Group and is chair of the curriculum and education committee of the Schools Work Group.