Best Practices in Statewide Articulation and Transfer Systems

WICHE Policy Analysis and Research Mission:

The Policy Analysis and Research unit offers a variety of policy and information resources to support better informed decision making, principally at the state level. The unit is involved in a number of research projects and collaborative initiatives that focus on college completion: adult learners; multistate data-sharing to support educational planning and workforce development; and other critical areas. WICHE staff serve as a useful resource on a number of higher education issues, including state and federal financial aid, finance, articulation and transfer, the Common Core State Standards, and various college completion initiatives. Its publication series, including Policy Insights and Western Policy Exchanges, explore a wide range of significant policy issues. The unit also undertakes major, long-term grant-funded projects, collaborates with other regional and national organizations, and provides short-term technical assistance to members.

Project Overview

A joint project of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) and Hezel Associates, with funding from Lumina Foundation for Education, Best Practices in Statewide Articulation and Transfer Systems seeks to develop a deeper understanding of how states coordinate their articulation and transfer programs for students who move from two-year to four-year institutions. The project is generating a set of deliverables that includes a promising practices guide to statewide transfer policies and practices; an overview of literature; and a policy brief on higher education Web portals and how they serve students’ transfer needs. Ultimately, the goal of Best Practices in Statewide Articulation and Transfer Systems is to guide policy and practice to improve student transfer and success.


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