Consumer-Driven Standards and Guidelines in Managed Mental Health for Populations of African Descent

Major Values

Systems, organizations, and providers that design and deliver managed mental health services to consumers of African descent and their families must recognize the extent to which help seeking, conceptualization of illness, involvement in treatment, and emphasis on recovery in this population is guided by a series of shared interconnected cultural values:

1. Choice by Consumers & Families
2. Service Delivery in the Community
3. Affordable Services
4. Dignity & Self Worth as Reflected in Clinical Treatment
5. Diversity in Providers
6. Equality, Fairness & Honesty
7. Family Preservation
8. Health Maintenance
9. Inclusion & Participation in Policy Making
10. Individual Worth
11. Acquisition of Knowledge
12. Least Restrictive Level of Service
13. Service Delivery by Minority Professionals
14. Oral Tradition & Expression
15. Ownership, Jobs, & Investment
16. Quality of Service & Satisfactory Outcomes
17. Interpersonal Relationships
18. Respect for Elders, Self, & Community
19. Prevention of Disease
20. Privacy & Confidentiality of Information
21. Racial Identity & Group Affiliation
22. Recovery & Rehabilitation
23. Spirituality & Religious Expression
24. Time Investment & Timeliness of Service
25. Work & Productivity