Consumer-Driven Standards and Guidelines in Managed Mental Health for Populations of African Descent

Standard and Guidelines for Implementation of Treatment Plan



Case management for consumers and families of African descent must be based on the diagnosed level of care needed by the primary consumer. Case management should be centered on the operation of an interdisciplinary team. Case management should be advocacy based, and consumer and family driven. The managed care plan maintains responsibility for the successful and appropriate implementation of the case management plan and the provision of adequate administrative resources and endorsement.


Implementation Guidelines

  1. Case managers working with consumers of African descent and their families must be able to demonstrate training in cultural competence.
  2. Case managers should be knowledgeable about the African American community, its resources, and natural supports.
  3. Case managers should have access to flexible funds for the provision of wrap-around services.
  4. Case management should be continuous and proportional to the degree of the consumer’s need and level of impairment. The case manager should act as a single point of contact and have responsibility across all levels of the system of care.
  5. The Health Plan should define and enforce maximum caseloads for case managers consistent with industry standards and accounting for the severity of the consumer impairment/case mix, enabling them to effectively serve consumers of African descent and their families and prevent burnout and turnover.
  6. Where the case manager interacts with multiple agencies, the primary treatment agency must maintain the responsibility to ensure implementation of services on behalf of the client.
  7. Practice privileges should be afforded to case managers across the entire system of care, including restrictive settings such as inpatient facilities.
  8. Each member of the consumer’s treatment plan has responsibility for developing progress notes and reports as appropriate.
  9. The provider must periodically review the consumer’s progress in accordance with the treatment plan. Changes in the components of the treatment plan must be reviewed with the consumer before implementation.