Consumer-Driven Standards and Guidelines in Managed Mental Health for Populations of African Descent


This final report would not have been possible without the collective work of a number of individuals and organizations: Paul Wohlford of the Center for Mental Health Services, provided the financial support and overall vision of the project throughout the various stages of this effort. Trevor Hadley of the University of Pennsylvania Center for Mental Health Policy and Services Research, also provided support and encouragement in both the first phase(bibliography development) and the development of standards and guidelines. work. Sally Hein of the Southern Consortium on Human Resource Development, helped in the latter stages of this project by providing tremendous logistical support that enabled the panel to meet. The members of the Panel were willing to change their schedules and meet with very short notice to develop the series of standards that are included here. Prior to and following our meetings, the members gave suggestions, reviewed materials, edited drafts, and shared their thoughts, clinical experiences, and scholarly materials. Marie Sanchez of WICHE, and the Hispanic Mental Health Workgroup, developed an outstanding set of standards and guidelines that we used as the base for our work. We are indebted to this workgroup for permitting us to build on their efforts.