• Alaska Psychiatric Institute Consultation Project

    Improves staffing efficiency and effectiveness for Alaska's acute care inpatient services.

  • Alaska Psychology Internship Consortium

    Works with the University of Alaska Anchorage and Fairbanks joint PhD program in Clinical Community Psychology to develop a partially-affiliated APA-accredited internship to train psychologists to work competently in Alaska.

  • Behavioral Health Training

    Addresses shortages in the mental health workforce, especially in rural areas.  

  • Behavioral Health Workforce Development

    Provides analyses of mental health workforce supply and preparedness, with a special focus on rural issues and cultural competence in the workforce.

  • Doña Ana County Crisis and Suicide Prevention Project

    Supports workforce development and community competence through the initiation of training and community development activities directed toward emergent psychiatric issues in underserved rural communities.

  • Hawaii Psychology Internship Consortium

    Leads development of a rural psychology internship consortium in Hawaii through the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Network Development Planning Grant.

  • MHECare

    MHECare offers vetted, competitively priced medical benefits to institutions and their students.

  • Predictive Analysis Reporting (PAR) Framework

    Aimed at identifying points of student loss and effective practices that improve student retention in U.S. higher education ... a multi-institutional data mining project, managed by WCET.

  • Professional Student Exchange Program (PSEP)

    Helps students who want to earn a professional degree in the health professions pay reduced tuition at participating programs in the West. READ STUDENT TESTIMONIALS.

  • South Dakota Mental Health Surveys

    Supports consumers' evaluations and assessments of state-level mental health services in South Dakota.

  • South Dakota Systems of Care

    Supports transformational changes in South Dakota as they build a framework for statewide partnership and progress toward an integrated System of Care.

  • Suicide Prevention Toolkits

    Contains information and tools to implement state of the art suicide prevention practices and overcome the significant hurdles this life-saving work faces in primary care practices

  • Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP)

    Assists students from WICHE states who want to earn a master’s, doctorate or graduate certificate and save money at participating programs across the West by paying resident tuition.

  • Western States Decision Support Group (WSDSG)

    Enables interstate collaboration for improving data infrastructure and performance measurement in public mental health systems.

  • WICHE Center for Rural Mental Health Research

    Research activities within the WICHE Center for Rural Mental Health Research have focused on specialty topics in rural health and behavioral health ranging from examining rural-urban differences in collaborative care models in primary care to identifying rural behavioral health promising practices..