From the WICHE Project Archive

  • Escalating Engagement: State Policy to Protect Access to Higher Education

    Focused on two of the most important state-level issues facing our region: access for historically underrepresented groups and the role  of higher education in state workforce development and economic development, with the goal of helping states build the capacity for change and  to initiate that change by consensus building and action-oriented work.

  • Rocky Mountain Collaborative to Transform the Health Professions Workforce

    In April 2009, WICHE worked to expand the pipeline of underrepresented populations through all sectors of postsecondary education and ultimately into the health professions.

  • State Scholars Initiative

    WICHE served as the program administrator of the State Scholars Initiative from October 1, 2005 through September 30, 2009, through a U.S. Department of Education. State Scholars programs continue to operate independently in several states, preparing students for productive, rewarding lives.

  • Western Consortium for Accelerated Learning Opportunities

    The Consortium was created in the belief that a regional approach is a way that some Western states can effectively and efficiently participate in advanced placement programs and broaden access for low-income and rural students.

  • WICHE Mental Health Past Projects

    Past projects initiated and managed by WICHE's Mental Health staff