The Interstate Passport Initiative


  • The Interstate Passport is a new framework for block transfer of lower-division general education based on learning outcomes and transfer-level proficiency criteria.

The Passport originated as a grass-roots effort by academic leaders in the WICHE region. While the overarching goal of the project is simple - to eliminate unnecessary repetition of academic work after students transfer - the ramifications of this goal are profound. The Passport is designed to improve graduation rates, shorten time to degree, and save students money. It can also strengthen existing articulation agreements and help institutions in continuous improvement efforts.

All of the Passport elements have been designed by faculty, registrars, institutional researchers, and academic advisors. These individuals have come together in both intra and interstate meetings to develop the new framework that is based on learning outcomes and transfer-level proficiency criteria, rather than credits and courses. To learn more about this project, please follow the links on the menu at left. Please feel free to contact us; we look forward to hearing from you!