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The Suicide Prevention Toolkit

This Web-based Toolkit contains information and tools to implement state of the art suicide prevention practices and overcome the significant hurdles this life-saving work faces in primary care practices.

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Alaskan Core Competencies

Alaskan Core Competencies for Direct Care Workers in Health & Human Services, Version 1.0

This publication is designed to guide skill development with direct care workers, who are at times referred to as direct support workers, direct support professionals, paraprofessionals, or technicians.

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The WICHE Mental Health Program has recently written a successful application to receive funding through the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Network Development Planning Grant, in order to develop a rural psychology internship consortium in Hawaii.

Development of the internship consortium will increase the number of professionals available to provide psychological services, thereby reducing the significant unmet behavioral health need in the state. It will also ensure that these psychologists receive training that is adequate and appropriate to meet the needs of the population of Hawaii given the State’s unique geographical and cultural factors.

WICHE will lead the development of this program and will ultimately seek accreditation by the American Psychological Association.